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AT&T Mobile Insurance Pprogram

Go to www.Phoneclaim.com and insure your Mobile phone as powered by AT&T mobile Insurance program.

You know, In our present world, there is a very high tendency of losing your Mobile Phone, and you will agree with me that it is quit very annoying losing it either by Damage or by theft. But with insurance, replacing a damaged, stolen, lost or out-of-warranty malfunctioning device can be less costly and convenient if you make the choice of Insuring your Phone. All you have to do is to file a claim to get a replacement if you enroll in the AT&T Mobile Insurance Program.

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About AT&T Mobile Insurance Program

Since unexpected things do happen, we always try our possible best to avoid especially the bad ones. You can’t just imagine losing your new mobile phone knowing too well that buying a new one is quit costly. If this is your case, then its recommended you consider enrolling in a Mobile Insurance Program that will offer you a replacement anytime such unfortunate cases occurs.

It will cost you 6.99/month per mobile number to enroll for the AT&T Mobile Insurance program. The $6.99 monthly premium charge and a non-refundable offer is applicable to each approved claim you make, are also added to your AT&T billing statement.

To enrol into the Mobile Insurance when you activate service or upgrade your device, you can call customer service at 1-866-mobility or ask your wireless sales representative.

Remember: You must enrol for this service within 30 days of activation or device upgrade.

Once your device replacement is approved, it will be shipped and delivered to you in most cases within 1-2 business/working days. Filing a replacement claim is simple and quick to do, all you need to do is;

  1. Kindly go to phoneclaim.com/att or call 1-800-801-1101 within the first 60 days of the date of device loss.
  2. Now, contact AT&T Customer Care at 1-866-MOBILITY to temporarily suspend service and prevent unauthorized use if your device was lost or stolen.
  3. If your missing device is has been damaged, then it must be returned using the prepaid shipping label provided with your replacement device.
  4. Once your replacement claim has been approved, the replacement device will be shipped overnight and in most cases, delivered within the next business day.

Note: Before enrolling in the AT&T Mobile Insurance Program or mobile phone insurance, it’s advised you read its program terms and condition (Please see AT&T Mobile Insurance program terms page).

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About AT&T

As one of the biggest telecoms companies in America, AT&T is an American multinational telecommunications corporation that operates the nation’s largest 4G network and Wi-Fi network so far, the companies offers the nation a broad range of

  • Wireless voice
  • Data services
  • Serves millions of enterprise and multinational business corporations on six continents of the world.

Having extensive wireless and wired access capabilities, including the world’s most advanced and powerful IP backbones, AT&T is undoubtedly among the best. You can read more about AT&T here and sign up for an account if you don’t have any. The AT&T Official Site is http://www.att.com

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The AT&T Official Site is http://www.att.com


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