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Rediffmail, unlike other mail services out there is a good email service provider used by millions of people all over the world since 1995, Its also rated as one of the top web mail service providers in the world at present. The Rediffmail service is being run from Mumbai City in India. Unlike yahoomail, Gmail and Outlook, Rediffmail also has News, Finance and Shopping service including other type of awesome services all brought to you by Rediffmail.com.

According to Wikipedia,

Rediffmail is a web based e-mail service provided by Rediff.com. The service has around 95 million registered usernames. It offers unlimited free storage space

The Email services from Rediffmail.com is totally free and anyone can Sign Up or Create an account at easy from www.rediffmail.com. In this article, we will be putting you through the www.Rediffmail.com sign up process or how to create a Rediffmail account, Rediffmail Sign In or Login and other Rediffmail account tweaking tips, so kindly read down and follow our Rediffmail tutorial and guides.

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www.Rediffmail.com Sign Up | Create Rediffmail Account

To Sign up for a Rediffmail.com account,

  1. Kindly visit the Rediffmail website at www.rediff-mail.com or rediff.com in your Browser.

rediffmail sign in

  1. Open or look at the top right corner of the page, you will see the “CREATE A NEW ACCOUNT” Link.
  1. Now, Click on the “Create a new Account” link and you will have to fill in the sign up form in order to get the Rediffmail account.
  1. Now, Fill in your full name, choose your Rediffmail ID or username
  1. Choose your Rediffmail account Password and Re-type the Password to confirm its correct.

(Fill in your alternative mail ID if you got any and if you don’t have the alternative mail ID then tick the box).

  1. You have to answer the security question as well as entering your Phone number, city , Country of current location and enter the captcha code correctly and click on the “CREATE MY ACCOUNT” button.

Once you have followed the above steps correctly, your www.Rediffmail.com account will be created in few seconds.

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www.Rediffmail.com Sign In | Rediffmail login

Now you have successfully created a Rediffmail account, next is to Sign In or login to your account. So to login your Rediffmail account,

  1. Kindly visit the Rediffmail website and click on the Sign In option.
  2. Enter your Rediffmail account ID and password and click login.

That is, you can now surf and enjoy Rediffmail account.

www.Rediff.com News | www.Rediffmail.com News

Just as earlier stated, www.Rediff.com of Rediff is not just a mail service site but also it’s a News site which is known as REDIFF NEWS. To me, it is  one of the Indian news website that carries the latest trends, news and happenings. So for any breaking Indian news, Just visit www.rediff.com/news.

www.Rediff.com Shopping

Just as mentioned in the last paragraph, Rediff is not just limited to just Mail service. The company also have www.Rediff.com/shopping for its online store where buying and selling takes place. With the Rediff online shopping access, you can shop, order products in the store and it will be delivered to your home at your own comfort. The amount Charged for your product delivery depends on amount of billing you received and payment is by COD (Cash on Deliver) or online payment through internet banking , Debit Cards , Credit cards etc.


If you have read this post from the very first line till this point, then you understand that greater percentage of everything I have written her is mainly about www.rediffmail.com login, Signup steps for Rediffmail.com and how to login to your Rediffmail account and finally quick tip about Rediff News and Rediff Shooping.

Feel free to drop your comments if you get stuck on the way in the course of your www.rediffmail.com login and sign up.


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