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VerifyPhone.com is one-stop site for area code lookup, phone number lookup, and free phone number reviews. It provides service that allows you to trace a phone number and verify its registration information. The verification clients is made up of social network sites and Internet forums which insist that telephone numbers inserted into an online sign-up form can be checked in real time. The verification operators can employ many ways to verify phone numbers, such as line test which checks whether a phone number exists by making a call to this number.  The system allows, the user, to report telemarketers, scammers & fraudsters using smart phone lookup reverse technology to generate a global file of local business phone calls which you don’t want to pick up. Record check can check phone numbers alongside with other personal details of its owner. JavaScript function can check phone numbers for its valid number format. These verification methods can be combined in use.

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The Cell phone lookups is made up of

  1. carrier,
  2. line type,
  3. map,
  4. Issuing location and more for FREE.

You can always verify someone’s cell phone numbers the easy way with our powerful cell phone lookup.

There are compiled index for reverse cell phone numbers for you to connect with the owners. You can also use the cell phone tracker to track the location of a cell phone number using the reverse directory.

Note that (Free Phone Lookup Reverse Tracer does not require GPS or Wi-Fi tracking to discover a cell phone’s current location – search records come from public databases and directories.)

In other to verify the owner’s name and address for a cell phone or unlisted number, you’ll have to obtain the information. Since these numbers aren’t open documentation, they cannot be provided free through our Reverse Address Lookup service.

This is How to verify phone numbers at VerifyPhone.com

To begin, you will need the following:

  • A good computer with internet access.

How to Verify Your Phone Number’s validity at www.verifyphone.com

  1. Visit the Phone Number Lookup with VerifyPhone.com at: http://www.verifyphone.com/
  2. To confirm phone numbers by name, type in the owner’s name and click the State and then click on “Verify”.

Note; one can also verify phone numbers by city and look up recent reviews by the use of area code.

If you want to search about a strange phone number, type this number under “Check Phone Directory Online” to see reports about it.


Start tracing Phone Numbers using premium Reverse Number Lookup service now! If you have a phone number and want to verify that it is valid or not, you can look it up and find out it’s status online at VerifyPhone.com. This check can disclose to you every single registration detail you need to know about the particular phone number.

So to Verify phone numbers about its validity, all you need to do is goto www.verifyphone.com

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