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The youth with innovation in Nigeria program was a financial program aimed at giving grant to people with reputable business ideas in Nigeria, which ranges from one million to ten million. The program was started during the past administration led by Dr. Goodluck Ebele Jonathan to support youth within 18-45 years of age, you can read more about this from the youwin website at

Last year in 2015, there was a a business plan writing competition and ever since then, the winner are yet to be announced or given their grants, now it 2016, the federal government of Nigeria is now ready to pay the grants to all those who applied and were successful in the 2015 youwin Nigeria program.

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Kindly visit to submit or check more information regarding the youwin program.

Millions of Nigerians applied for the youwin program and many will be benefiting from the grant. With the help you youwin program, so many enterprising and young business minded Nigerians have been able to set up a good business of their own with a free capital from the Federal government.

The first set of people that were awarded this grant got 1 to 10 million Nigerian naira to their various businesses all with the aim of eradicating poverty by helping the young entrepreneur create more jobs which in turn, is helping the Nigerian economy.

The good news here is that the present administration is as well on a quest to create more jobs for the high growing Nigerian population. Hence, President Mohammad Buhari has decided to continue with the Youwin program from Dr. Goodluck Jonathan. sign up | Requirements for YouWin connect Programme Application

How to Register for YouWiN Connect Grant Programme

If you are interested in applying for the YouWin Connect (Youth Enterprise with Innovation in Nigeria), then you will have to visit the YouWin Connect Application portal and carefully read and follow the steps am below bellow.  YouWin 2017

  1. Interested applicants applying for YouWin connect Registration form should click
  2. Click On Apply located at the top of the page.
  3. Then Fill in the application form with all the required information  correctly

Know it that the 2017/2017 youwin grant will be awarded to only those that will pass the second and third stage screening. If you applied before especially the 2016/2017 batch, you can check your email for any information concerning

If you have forgotten your count password, kindly follow the “forgot password” guide to help you recover it from login page. You will receive a link to verify your email address once you follow the link.

Also: Know it that if you have made double submission, during the Youwin online registration, you will not be contacted.

The best way to ensure you don’t miss any update from youwin connect application program is to always visit with your internet connected device. You will be notified when youwin connect applicants will be paid if you’re successful. All successful persons will get cash grant of 1million to 10 million Naira.




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