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future technology predictions

Almost every industry has been disrupted by digital technologies over the past decade: today is a quick look at the future technology predictions as collected using different data and a strict insider look at the possible future tech changes for 2016.

  • Retailers have been shifting from brick-and-mortar stores to online outlets.
  • Payment cards are moving from our wallets to our smartphones.
  • Publishers have ditched paper and are now sending content in real time.
  • Automakers have said the next five years will disrupt the industry more than the last 50 years have.
  • Tech giants are replacing our PCs with mobile devices.

Here Tecliet Insider have predict even more disruption will occur: If you check really well, Facebook is already battling with the fate of YouTube in Mobile video, Indonesia is predicted to become one of the largest smartphone

Markets, the Blockchain will be recognized as more than a fad, Amazon will

leave its shipping partners, and oil companies will embrace IoT technology as

the price of oil continues to drop.

In this post, I will be relating you with the 26 predictions across five key verticals including Digital Media, Mobile device, E-Commerce, Payments, and the Internet of Things in 2016 as reported by Business Insider.

 Top 5 Digital Media Predictions

  1. It’s predicted that The mobile video wars will heat up, with winners and losers starting to emerge in distinct content categories. With the auto play enabled, It’s predicted that Facebook will likely become the hot and next go-to place for short-form videos in 2016. Brands and media companies are expected to accelerate the number of videos they upload directly to Facebook, and Facebook will eventually surpass YouTube in terms of video uploads and views. YouTube will still remain a huge video player but this time, its gona rely heavily on its YouTube stars to drive video views.
  2. The Standards for online video views and tracking will become a major point of contention for the analytic companies. Publishers will tend to start working more on video creation with a video transcript report.
  3. Native advertising will see a serious uptick in ad spend as publishers and advertisers alike focus on the user experience.
  4. Cable companies will further continue to welcome streaming, but the cost for consumers will increase.
  5. It’s predicted that Yahoo will sell its core business, likely to a telecommunications company.

2016 top 5 Mobile Predictions

  1. A major (yet to be known) wireless carrier and pay-tv company will merge in 2016.
  2. Indonesia will join India as the next big smartphone market to watch out for.                                                                                                                                                                                         
  3. Xiaomi will begin selling phones in the US.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     
  4. Disappearing carrier contracts in the US will accelerate the smartphone upgrade cycle.
  5. Enterprise apps will hit a new high. In 2016, a number of partnerships between companies like Apple and IBM came up, aimed at enabling mobile devices to have a more useful application in new industries, like they did for transportation industries in 2015.

2016 Top 5 Fintech Predictions

  1. Its predicted that Blockchain technology will become more than a fad as global banks commit to a unified blockchain solution for inter-bank transactions.
  2. Our prediction has it that Apple, Google, and Samsung will build out commerce experiences around their payments products.
  3. Business management apps housed on mobile point-of-sale devices will become a necessity for small businesses.
  4. Mobile ordering apps will become an important transaction channel for quick-service restaurants.
  5. Traditional financial institutions will respond to the threat of fintech start-ups by partnering with them. As a result of this, banks are likely to face their nightmare, so they will adopt a strategy of partnering with smaller fintech firms in order to leverage their services and bring them to a wider audience. That’s because it’s often easier than building these services in-house. Fintech start-ups can often focus all their efforts on building great user experiences while banks must overcome the friction of innovating within a legacy system.

2016 Top 5 E-Commerce Predictions

  1. Amazon will pull business away from its shipping partners.
  2. Jumia will experience drift in sales as it was reportedly given in 2015 that they don’t deliver the exact product ordered by users.
  3. More online malls will erupt and affiliate sales will become one of the best means of selling online product as the competition in online outlet will get harder. On this, affiliate marketing will become another big source of revenue for online retailers. More credibility will be established online as retailers will tend to establish trust with their online businesses in 2016.

Photo Credit: Business Insider

4. Facebook will become a key enabler of commerce.

5. Beacons will finally go mainstream.

6. Alibaba will try to acquire or take a large stake in a US e-commerce company.

2016 Top 5 IoT Predictions (IoT means Internet of things)

  1. Its predicted that Two-thirds of new cars shipped in the US will be connected in one way or the other to the internet. It was roughly about 35%-40% internet connection rate in with new cars shipped from the US in 2015 surpassing 23% of BI estimate in the beginning of 2015. Hence this strong growth is expected to continue through 2016 with an estimate of 2/3 of new cars shipped in the US to be connected to the internet.
  2. The United States will at last get federal guidance surrounding self-driving cars, leading many states to enact legislation. Its expected that the federal government will pass a law monitoring people using self-driven cars in US as California’s department of Motor vehicles have released a draft of proposed regulation which will make the state the first to give consumers the right to ride in self-driving cars on public roads.
  1. The growth of enterprise IoT initiatives will drastically increase the demand for cyber insurance policies in 2016.
  2. As oil prices continue to crash, oil companies will look to IoT solutions to maximize efficiency throughout the supply chain. The price of oil has been falling for a couple of years now due to high supply over decreasing demand. It’s unlikely that oil price will continue to bounce back in 2016. Its predicted that oil companies will have to start looking for an new way of increasing their profit and produce oil at less price, and at the same time, Jobs will be lost.
  1. Its predicted that the insurance industry will embrace healthcare and connected home IoT devices as a way to price insurance policies.

Note: This future technology predictions is just for 2016.

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