How to Delete a Message on WhatsApp Before Reading

Have you ever been a position whereby you made a mistake, wrong use of the technology? If your answer is Yes, then you might be in the same case. We see sometimes the technology got stuck overhead if it has been used wrong by making a mistake. This could be the situation when you want to know how you could Delete a Message you mistakenly sent on WhatsApp before reading.

Now we are here to help you on different ways on how you could delete a message on WhatsApp before reading. This may happen when you have disclosed you secretly to the wrong person on WhatsApp by mistake. You can remove a message on WhatsApp before reading the other person reading, and this is possible for a sent message.

To delete a WhatsApp message before reading, All you need do is to have the latest updated version of the WhatsApp application been installed on your phone. Sometimes it occurs, when you are in a position feeling helpless because you have mistakenly sent a message to the wrong person.

Reading this article will hopefully assist you to help solve your worry to delete a message on WhatsApp before reading. Kindly go through the steps guide to get through this problem easily below.

Here are the guides to Delete a Message you wrongly sent on WhatsApp Before Reading

Without any further due now we will teach you on how to delete a message on WhatsApp before reading. You need to follow the easy step by step procedure which is given below.

  • Firstly, you must have installed updated version of WhatsApp to delete a message on WhatsApp before the recipient reads it.
  • Having installed the latest version, you have to go to the chat to whom you have sent the wrong message.

  • Then open the chat and then choose the message you want to delete, by holding down on to it.

  • When you have selected the message, you will able to see the menu appearing on the top bar of WhatsApp showing the different option.

  • You have to select the delete (basket) option.
  • Selecting the delete option, you will be given the options to Delete for me and also delete for everyone. You have to select delete for everyone option to delete a message on WhatsApp before reading.

You must keep in mind that this procedure could help you if you realize your mistake within the time span of 7 minutes, and the other person has not read the message yet. If it’s not the case, then you might read this article until the end which will help you.
After selecting delete for everyone, your message will be deleted from your phone as well as from the other person’s phone successfully.

Different ways to Delete a Message you mistakenly sent on WhatsApp Before the recipient Read it

Although if you are not in the ideal case to delete a message on WhatsApp before reading. There are some other alternative methods which will help you. Follow the steps given below to proceed.

  • Firstly, you have to ensure that the message you want to delete from your chat or sent history has only one tick which means the message has been received but not seen.
  • Then you have to tap on the chat and open after that.
  • When you are done with that, you will see the menu (Three dots) appearing in the top right corner of the chat and click on it.
  • Now, you have to select more options present there.
  • Having done that, you should click “Block”, which will block the recipient person from seeing the message you mistakenly sent.
  • You nothing less than 30 days to block that person, to help this work, because WhatsApp keeps the record of the unread message only for the period of 30 days.

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