How to Know if You Have Been Muted on Facebook


In this 21st century, we are very much active in the socializing circle. It’s now an easy way in which you can interact anyone random as well, keeping aside your known ones. When it comes to socializing the very first name comes to our mind is Facebook, which is also one of the most popular apps. The problem springs forth when you want to know if you have been muted on Facebook?

If you were having a fiery conversation with anyone and then that conversation at some point has been ended. Where it didn’t mean to end at all, then you would be keen to know if you have been muted on Facebook. In this article, we are going to help you on how you can get to know if you have been muted on Facebook.

There are reasons why you have been muted on Facebook. It could either be the result of some hate debate you might be having with someone or due to some ignorance reason which might be very insulting to you at any point. This could also be the reason if you are muted on Facebook if are having the bad days in your relationship with your partner.

How to be Sure if You have been muted on Facebook?

Along with many other updates now Facebook has also introduced the mute feature for its users. Sometimes you want to be focused on some work, and some random friend keeps distracting you from your work. You can use the muted-on Facebook feature which will help you get rid of this problem. Muted on Facebook could frequently be used if you keep getting notification from an unwanted page and you can mute that for your ease.

If we are part of some event or we are attending an event at some place which could be the birthday or any other musical event we are invited to be a part of certain Facebook page. Its good an initiative but some member of the group without any reason keep on texting on that group for some lame jokes until somebody gives them a response.

Muted-on Facebook can help at that point from being irritated. Although there is no practical solution or hack to know if you have been muted on Facebook. But the only way through it is to use the instinct ion.

Use the Glitch/Bug Method to Know you have Been muted on Facebook.

Follow the step by step method to know you are muted on Facebook. Check out the steps below.

  • Firstly, you have to specify the person from which you think you are muted on Facebook. Then send that specified person any message.
  • Now if you see that it certainly responds as “seen” at the time you send the message. This probably shows that you are muted on Facebook.
  • Try logging in to Facebook from any other device and it shows the “seen” at different times, it means you have been muted on Facebook
  • This method might have worked for some people but doesn’t seem to work now on Facebook anymore.

Working Method to Know You Have Been Muted on Facebook

The workable and the suitable method to know is not much technical but logical. Using this method, you have to put you in the interrogatory mode and answer a simple question that if there is any certain reason for them to mute you on Facebook? If the answer to that question comes out to be positive, and you have sent that person a lot of messages.

Those messages are read as “sent” but not read for a long time then you are probably muted on Facebook. This is kind of logical method which would bring you to the conclusion that you are muted on Facebook.

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