How to download Facebook videos in 3 differet ways

Facebook has been predicted to be the next nightmare competing with YouTube as mark Zuckerberg has promised that the company is coming up with more awesome features as regards Facebook videos like live steaming and to download Facebook video is no big deal if you want to.

In this tutorial, you will learn how to download Facebook videos without any software for free. Any video from Facebook can be downloaded to your local computer folder using the simple methods mentioned in this tutorial.

Kindly follow the easy steps given listed below for you to download Facebook videos and save them to your computer default download folder or any other custom folder you choose to save the online videos for free without use of any software.

Steps on how to download Facebook videos | first way

Step 1: Kindly Open Facebook in any Browser of your choice

Note: (Internet Explorer or Google Chrome are recommended)

Step 2: Kindly login your Facebook account if you are not logged in.

Step 3: Simply Navigate to the desired Facebook video you want to save.

Step 4: Move your mouse to the Green colored arrow pointing downwards at the Upper Left side of the video and click on the download option and select either “MP4 HD” or “MP4 SD”.

Note: I f you select either the MP4 HD or MP4 SD, the video will automatically save into your default file saving location.

Steps on how to download Facebook videos | second way

Step 1: Open Facebook in your browser and login.

Step 2:Navigate to the video you want to download and play it.

Step 3:While the video is playing in a small screen mode, click on the “Click for More” tab. see image below

Step 4: the video will open in a full screen mode, kindly click on the Green color download Arrow pointing downwards at the Upper left tab and select the download quality of your choice to save file. see image below;

Step 5: if the download does not begin immediately, then the fie location option will pop up, kindly select the path or location you want to save the file to and hit the enter button for the download to start.

The Second way of Downloading Facebook Videos by editing URL

Kindly watch the video below

Step 1: Open Facebook with your browser.

Step 2: If you are not logged in, kindly do so.

Step 3: Simply Navigate to the desired Facebook video you want to save.

Step 4: Click on the video to open it in full screen mode.

Step 5: Right click on the video and copy the URL, now paste the URL in another address bar

Step 6: Now in the address bar in your browser, you can either play the video or leave it paused and edit the URL from to all you need to do now is to replace www with m in the URL of the Facebook video and hit the Enter button using your Keyboard. See image below.


Once you replace www with m in the right way, the Mobile version of Facebook with the video will pop up. Now click on the video to play it.

Step 6: Once the video starts playing, simply right click on the video and select the “Save video as” option from the context menu as shown in the image below.

Step 7: Kindly right click on the video and select “Save video as”…

Step 8: On the next window that comes up, you can select the desired path to save the file, rename it and then select Save.

The Facebook video will at this time, start downloading to the file location you specified on your PC.

If you have followed the steps mentioned above, you will save Facebook video without any problem. If you like the above steps to download Facebook videos, please do share to others. And don’t hesitate to drop your comment if you have any problem of any other suggestion as regards how to download Facebook videos.

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