How to use facebook live stream feature on your iPhone

Facebook live stream feature

Thing are really getting tighter for video companies like YouTube and Periscope as Facebook has launched live steaming video tool. and i call it Facebook live stream feature. Now users in the U.S. can stream live video directly to their account news feed. Indeed It’s really going well with our 26 Tech predictions of 2016. We believe this live streaming feature of Facebook is still at its early life age and very soon, every other country will begin to enjoy the opportunity of going streaming live on Facebook.

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You can watch the video below

Steps on how to use Facebook Live video feature on iPhone

Step 1: Login your Facebook account and create new status update.

Step 2: Click on the new Live video Icon.

Step 3: In this page, You have to write a description and Choose you can see your stream from your friends list.

Step 4: Once you’re done making your choice and ready to stream Press “Go Live”

Once you do that,

  • A3 seconds countdown timer will begin.
  • Comments from viewers will appear below the video.
  • The total number of viewers will be displayed above.
  • Broadcasts are limited to 30 minutes.
  • You can block someone by pressing on their profile picture.

Step 5: Once you are done streaming, Press the “finish” Button.

That’s it. you’re done.

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  • The live video stream clip will post n your timeline and you can save it to your phone.
  • If you do like to have a bigger audience, Facebook suggests you announce in your live stream in advance with another post when you plan to live. This will help people to put it on their schedule.
  • Once you’re done broadcasting, the video will post itself on your timeline where people can choose to replay it, helping you to collect more views.

In Conclusion, the Facebook Live Video experience is quite comparable to what you get from Periscope. However, Periscope, which posts the notification to all your Twitter followers about you going live, Facebook’s live video for regular users may just quietly creep onto the network.

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